C1 level

Course of Spanish as a Foreign Language for students who want to improve the skills of previous levels to defend themselves in public, personal and academic spheres.

The C1 level course aims to train students to act with flexibility and precision, without apparent effort and overcoming linguistic problems through compensation strategies, in the personal and public spheres, and training students to communicate effectively in specific activities in the professional environment.

At the end of this level, students will be able to:

Ø  Understand the general intention and meaning, important information, relevant details, implicit and explicit, of speakers in a wide range of oral texts and in a variety of accents, registers, and styles.

Ø  Produce with fluency, spontaneity and almost effortlessness a wide range of long, clear, and detailed oral texts in different registers showing command of a wide range of linguistic resources.

Ø  Understand the general intention and meaning, important information, relevant aspects, and details, implicit and explicit, of speakers of a wide range of written texts even on topics outside his/her field of specialization, identifying differences in style and register, provided he/she can reread difficult sections.

Ø  Produce long and detailed written texts, well-structured and adjusted to the different fields of action, on complex topics in these fields, highlighting the main ideas, presenting appropriate examples, and ending with an appropriate conclusion, using, correctly and consistent, grammatical structures and complex spelling, punctuation and presentation conventions in a correct and consistent manner, showing control of complex cohesion mechanisms, and command of a wide lexicon that allows him/her to express nuances of meaning that include irony, humour and affective charge.