B2 Level

Course of Spanish as a Foreign Language for students with a previous knowledge of the Spanish language. With this course students will enlarge and improve the necessary skills to defend themselves in public, personal and academic spheres

At the end of this level, students will be able to:

Ø  Understand long speeches and lectures and even follow complex lines of argument when the topic is relatively familiar. Cover almost all TV news and current affair programs. Understand most of the movies in which a standard language level is spoken.

Ø  Read articles and reports related to contemporary problems in which the authors adopt specific positions or points of view. Understand contemporary literary prose.

Ø  Participate in a conversation with some fluency and spontaneity, which makes normal communication with native speakers possible. Also, can take an active part in debates developed in everyday situations, explaining, and defending his/her points of view.

Ø  Present clear and detailed descriptions of a wide range of topics that are related to his/her speciality. Know how to explain a point of view on a subject by exposing the advantages and disadvantages of different options.

Ø  Write clear and detailed texts on a wide range of topics related to their interests. Write essays or reports conveying information or proposing reasons to support or refute a particular point of view. Know how to write letters that highlight the importance he/she attaches to certain facts and experiences.