A2 level


Initial course of Spanish as a Foreign Language for students with a previous and basic knowledge of the Spanish language. With this course students will enlarge the basic skills to defend themselves in public and personal sphere.

At the end of this level, students will be able to:

-        Understand phrases and the most common vocabulary on topics of personal interest (very basic personal and family information, purchases, place of residence, employment). The student can capture the main idea of short, clear, and simple notices and messages.

-        The student can read very short and simple texts. Can find specific and predictable information in simple, everyday writing such as advertisements, brochures, menus, and schedules, and short, simple personal letters.

-        The student can communicate in simple and common tasks that require a simple and direct exchange of information about everyday activities and issues. The student is capable of very brief social exchanges, although he/she is generally unable to understand enough to carry on the conversation on his/her own.

-        Uses a series of expressions and phrases to describe his/her family and other people, his/her living conditions, his/her educational background and current or last job in simple terms.

-        The student can write short and simple notes and messages relating to his/her immediate needs. The student can write very simple personal letters, for example to thank someone for something.