A1 level

Initial course of Spanish as a Foreign Language for students without previous knowledge of the Spanish language. With this course students will acquire the basic skills to defend themselves in everyday situations

At the end of this level, students will be able to:

-        Recognize very basic words and expressions that are commonly used, related to himself/herself, his/her family and his/her immediate environment when spoken slowly and clearly.

-        Understand familiar words and names and very simple phrases, for example, those found on signs, posters, and catalogues.

-        Participate in a conversation in a simple way if the other person is willing to repeat what has been said or to say it in other words and at a slower speed and help you to formulate what you are trying to say. Ask and answer simple questions about topics of immediate need or very common issues.

-        Use simple expressions and phrases to describe the place where they live and the people they know.

-        Write short and simple postcards, for example, to send congratulations. Fill in forms with personal data, for example, name, nationality, and address in a hotel registration form.